Mom what’s cooking?

Children love hanging out with their parents. They learn many things from following mom and dad around the house. Dad teaches his son about working on the car. He will teach him how to mow the grass and how to fix a leaking sink. Mothers work with their children on housework and taking care of the baby. Most children like to go into the kitchen to help cook. Children like to test what they cook. Most children like preparing what they are eating so parents can combine this cooking lesson with healthy alternatives for the child. Allow the child to help prepare dinner. They can stir the pot or mix the salad.


Over time nutritionist, learn that children like foods to look good or they just will not eat them. Why would a child eat spinach when they could eat French fries? Spinach is green and looks like a healthy food. French fries are crunchy and can be dipped in ketchup. Parents are learning that children like foods that look good. They also like food that they prepare themselves. Healthy eating is easy if the parent encourages the child to prepare healthy foods.

Allow your child to go into the kitchen with you to prepare meals. Allow your child to make his or her own plate decorating it with fresh fruits and vegetables. Colorful foods will get the child’s attention and be fun to eat. Carrot sticks and celery take on new meaning when they are dipped in peanut butter. Add some raisins and call it lunch. Potato chips can even be healthy when parents make them out of vegetables. Green Giant foods have come up with veggie snack chips that are very tasty. Multigrain sweet potato chips and chance to upload a video is found here. They have a video where people are sharing their talents as well.


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