Children and their healthy diet for weight loss

Young children are no longer playing hopscotch and baseball outside in the back yards as they use to do years ago. Outside fun is now being turned into inside fun on television and game machines. Children are obese and not getting the exercise that they need to sustain their healthy weights. This is leading to more childhood obesity and childhood health problems. Diabetes in children is not rare at all. Many children are developing unhealthy eating habits that are carrying over into their adulthood. Many children are sticking their fingers and taking insulin shots for diabetes because of their poor eating habits and weights.


Combating the unhealthy eating habits of children is partly the parent’s responsibility. School systems need to bring back the requirement of physical education. When children are expected to run and exercise every day, it not only helps with their weight but it helps them to learn better. The children that never exercise are sitting around gaining weight and becoming sicker. Parents and the community can help these children by providing ways for children to exercise instead of allowing them to be lazy. Games such as internet games and the other PS3, Nintendo, and Sega are assisting these kids to stay on the couch for entertainment. Interactive games are beginning to get the message and are providing for dancing or exercising while playing these hand held video games. This epidemic of obesity in children can come to a halt if parents would recognize that video games should be limited. Parents should require the kids to go outside and play daily. Running, bike riding, skate boarding, dancing, and ball games will burn many calories and help children to be healthier. Check out the article on childhood obesity by clicking here. According to this article, 30% of children ages 6 to 11 are too heavy and 15% are categorized as obese. Most of the children grow up to be overweight adults because of the habits they learn as children.


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