Childeren Menus

Celebrity Chefs are preparing children’s menus for parents that work. They are teaching parents how to prepare meals that children will eat. Most of the menus are 30 minutes or so to prepare. This helps parents to feed their children healthy food alternatives and not spend all night in the kitchen. Most of these menus provide the children with fresh fruits and vegetables.


Children enjoy dipping their foods in things like ketchup or ranch dips. Parents can prepare things like chicken bites, fresh cut vegetable fries, and potato sticks. A menu like this is easy for the child to eat and is fresh foods not processed. Processed foods tend to hold too much salt and can be fattening.

The Food Network has a list of celebrity chefs that work with menus to feed children for regular meals and parties. Check this out for information on the chefs on food network. . The UK has television celebrity chefs and the following page gives information on these chefs.

Taking your children out to eat can be a dangerous situation unless you can find a child friendly restaurant. Most people know that celebrity chefs like to provide elegant food and a quiet area to enjoy meals. Some chefs are learning that it is better to feed whole families than just the rich. These chefs are producing menus and healthy alternatives for children that make going out to eat fun.