Celebrity Chefs help children with food

Celebrity Chefs help children learn about food during the Children’s food festival each year. Patrons Blanc and Gigson give these children and their parent’s hands on food demonstration. The Rangemaster is the place for children and parents to learn to stir foods and chop up foods. It allows them to taste their creations as well. Many different celebrities will attend the food festival. People such as the Gastronauts, Jane Whittinstall, Nora Sands, Sam Stern, and Amanda Grant will attend.

Each child and their parents will experience baking pizza and cutting sausages. They will have fun working with open fire cooking. One of the favorites of kids is the bike power that prepares the smoothies. Children can stand with the giant pig and take pictures. Some of UK’s best chocolate makers will be on hand to help children with recipes. They children are excited that they will be making and tasting the Willy Wanka recipe.

Learning how to grow your own food is one of the highlights that are new. Children and their parents will learn how to plant foods, and learn what it takes to grow these foods. The kids will be cooking and eating some of the foods that they are learning to grow. Children learn the responsibility for caring for a garden. They also learn how to know when foods are ready to pick.

Children like to discover new things. They love learning when it is interactive such as the children’s food festival. Northmoor Trust puts on the children’s Food Festival. They are responsible for organizing the whole event. For more information on the festival, check out: www.childrensfoodfestival.co.uk. There will be shuttle buses and parking available. The Festival is free to children and adults. Come out and see Belling, The Chocolate Tent, Waitrose Education pod and the Question and answer tent. Children can enjoy interacting with some of the farm animals and storytelling during the festival.


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